Monday, June 18, 2012

Thor Hat

Hook: H/8 (5mm)
Yarn: worsted weight red and gray

With gray ch 2.
Rnd 1= 6 sc in second ch from hook.
Rnd 2= Ch 2, 3 dc in each sc around. Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (18)
Rnd 3= Ch 2, (3 dc in next dc, 2 dc) around. Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (30)
Rnd 4= Ch 2, (3 dc in next dc, 3 dc) around. Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (46)
Rnd 5= Ch 2, (3 dc in next dc, 4 dc) around, dc. Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (64)
Rnd 6= Ch 2, (3 dc in next dc, 6 dc) around, 3 dc in next dc, dc. Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (86)
Rnd 7-13= Ch 2, dc around.  Sl st in top of first dc. Turn. (86)
Rnd 14-20= Ch 2, 60 dc. Turn. (60)
Fasten off. Sc around edge with red.

Wings (make 2): With gray ch 30
Row 1= Sc in second ch from hook, 28 hdc. Turn.
Row 2= Ch 2, hdc twice in first hdc, 24 hdc, sc. Turn.
Row 3= Ch 1, sc, 25 hdc, hdc twice in last hdc. Turn.
Row 4= Ch 2, 24 hdc, sc. Turn.
Row 5= Ch 1, sc, 24 hdc. Turn.
Row 6= Ch 2, hdctog over next two hdc, 19 hdc, sc. Turn.
Row 7= Ch 1, sc, 18 hdc, hdctog over next two hdc. Turn.
Fasten off.
Join red and sc around edge. Fasten off and weave in ends. Sew to side of hat.


  1. Hiya this is cool :-) Thanks for the free pattern. My husband wants one though and his head is big. Will it work if I just increase the number of stitches? Thanks :-) Annie

  2. It should work. Just add a couple rows on the top. Hope it works for you. :)

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  4. Hi there. Thanks for the pattern. I'm working on it right now. And 86 stitches makes it to big and its not looking like a hat should. Whatsshould I do?

  5. Also I want to make it for a kid. Sohow foci make it smaller?

  6. If you don't mind my two cents, Robyn, First, Good luck! To make the pattern smaller, the first thing I would adjust would be the hook size. That is usually the easiest thing to adjust in a pattern when you are trying to adjust gauge. I hope that helps some!
    I am looking forward to playing with this pattern, thanks so much for posting it! Cheers, Heidi

  7. Ooh thank you for posting this pattern- it has solved a problem and will be the perfect gift :)

  8. On round 3-5 the ends start to curl/wave, is that supposed to happen?

  9. Thank you for this pattern! Made one for my son and he is very happy :-)
    I made it smaller, the wings white and added a little thing on the top.
    It is in dutch, but i linked to this page if you don't mind?