Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simple headbands

These are soooo easy. I made six just yesterday. They are great for quick and easy gifts.

Hook size: G/6
Yarn: Sock yarn or Crochet thread size 10

Ch 175
1= Sc in second ch from hook. 43 sc, 88 dc, 44 sc. Ch 1, turn.
2= Sc in sc, dc in dc, sc in sc. Ch 1, turn.
3= Repeat row two.

Like I said, super easy! If you want to dress it up though, here are some variations you might try.
String beads onto your thread and crochet them in.
To make a wider band simply add more rows.
For some texture add a trcluster stitch after every two dc on the second row. (Trcluster: loop yarn around hook twice, draw up a loop, draw yarn through two loops twice. Repeat twice, there should be four loops left on the hook when you are done. Draw yarn through all four loops.)
Also, you can crochet a flower or other applique and sew onto the band, or buttons.
The options are endless :)

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