Friday, February 3, 2012

Paper Boxes

 Valentines day is coming around.. I have never celebrated Valentines day, in fact, my husband bought a card for me last year and I was completely stunned... Personally, I think it is a pointless holiday... But that is just my opinion.
      Anyway... This cute little box is great for wrapping a little gift for that special someone or as a craft for your kids.

                  Crayons or markers or paints
                  2 sheets of card-stock or construction paper (I only had typing paper available when I spontaneously decided to make these at 4 in the morning.)
                  Glue (glue sticks work best but I didn't have any) or tape. (Tape is faster so I used it, but it doesn't turn out as pretty)
                  Rhinestones (I forgot to use them...)
                  Ruler (And I forgot to put that in the picture... I don't think I should do stuff like this so early)

                     Fold paper as shown below and cut the extra rectangular piece off to make a 8.5" square. Actually, not as shown. The camera angle was a little off... The bottom edge should be lined up.
 Smooth paper out and trace a 2.5" margin. On the opposite side, paint or draw the design or picture you want. I forgot to do this step at the right spot, being 4 in the morning and all....
 Cut along four lines on opposite sides to make small flaps and then fold paper along all of the lines.
 Tuck small flaps inside and tape the outer corners. Or just glue the small flaps to the larger flaps.
 Tape the inside and the top edge of the box. You may have to trim the top to make it even.
 For the lid, cut out a paper square 5.5" across and 5.5" long. Trace a 1" margin, cut flaps, and fold.
 Tape or glue flaps in a similar fashion as the box...
 And Tada!!! You have a cute little box. If you want, you can glue rhinestones onto it for a little sparkle.

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